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Skegee Made Scholarship Fund has been exponentially growing since 2020 and I am always grateful for the opportunity to change lives. In addition to a yearly scholarship, I am honored to offer a mentor/mentee opportunity to close the gap between current students and graduates in the field. Many need guidance throughout school and onto their careers and there are a lot of Alumni with experience and lessons to share. Please follow our instagram to stay up to date on any announcements and new opportunities Skegee_made!


Carlos Tidwell, 2020 Recipient

"With your support, I will be able to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a computer engineer. Please know that your support will make a huge impact on my future endeavors. "

Student Testimonials

This application is for current and incoming Tuskegee University Students pursuing their degree. Opens April 1, Closes May 31

This application is for current or incoming students looking for guidance while they go through school and life.

This application is for Tuskegee Alumni who have started their careers or entrepreneurs who are willing to share advice and their experiences with current students.

Skegee Made Cares Application

This form is for current or incoming students wanting a care package. COMING SOON!

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