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Get To Know Jade Asante Edwards!

Jade Edwards graduated from Tuskegee University May 2020. Since graduating she wanted to give back in any way she could to her University. Her inspiration to start this scholarship was COVID-19, she noticed many of her classmates and students under her were in need. On May 14 2020, she started out with $400. Since then, other Tuskegee/HBCU alumni  have donated and  every year it has continued to grow. She hopes that her contribution will help other students preparing to attend her alma mater, Tuskegee University.

Jade is from Oakland California and attended Tuskegee University Fall of 2015 as a Computer Science major. May 9, 2020 she received her bachelors degree and moved to Atlanta, GA where she currently works as a Software Engineer. While her time at Tuskegee was nothing short of amazing, it required a lot of dedication and hard work to get to the finish line, many obstacles she had to overcome but nonetheless she persisted. She joined the Rave Revue Modeling Troupe and worked as a TA alongside her professors for two years. She also mentored many young women with aspirations to obtain their CS degree while remaining heavily involved in the community by doing community service. 

Through Skegee Made Scholarship Fund, Jade has been able to assist two students in 2020 and 2021 with attending Tuskegee University and has hopes to keep going. During the finals seasons she also plans to gather donations to send students care packages. Being far from home is already hard enough and adding on the stress of finals, she hopes care packages will help some students during the stressful time. She hopes this scholarship will stay around for a long time and continue to help future students preparing to attend Tuskegee.

July 4th, Tuskegee's founder's day, Jade will announce two students as recipients of the Skegee Made Scholarship Fund and divide the total amount between the two.

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